• Date Due: January 11, 2012
  • Author: Secretary of Technology
  • Enabling Authority: House Joint Resolution 645 (Regular Session, 2011)
  • Description:
    Study of the opportunities to facilitate cooperative procurement and sharing of custom technology applications to leverage buying power and create efficiencies for local governments. In conducting this study, the Secretary of Technology shall: 1. Develop a catalog of systems and services that are (i) currently being leveraged across geopolitical boundaries, (ii) available for leverage, or (iii) desirable to be made available through a hosted "app store" or "cloud" environment; 2. Develop an information clearinghouse for information technology-related data, information, best practices, and sample contracting vehicles that may be accessed by local government IT professionals; 3. Determine which applications would provide the greatest value by being placed on a statewide contract vehicle; 4. Explore opportunities for enterprise application or service deployment, including disaster recovery/back-up; and 5. Investigate partnership opportunities with the Internet 2 Open Cloud Experiment project to evaluate priorities and solutions related to disaster recovery and on-demand computing resources for universities.