• Date Due: January 13, 2021
  • Author: Joint Commission on Technology and Science
  • Enabling Authority: Senate Joint Resolution 38 (Regular Session, 2020)
  • Description:
    Report on the findings and recommendations of the Joint Commission on Technology and Science on the study of the safety, quality of life, and economic consequences of weather and climate-related events on coastal areas in Virginia, including (i) the negative impacts of weather, and geological and climate-related events, including displacement, economic loss, and damage to health or infrastructure; (ii) the area or areas and the number of citizens affected by such impacts; (iii) the frequency or probability and the time dimensions, including near-term, medium-term, and long-term probabilities of such impacts; (iv) alternative actions available to remedy or mitigate such impacts and their expected cost; (v) the degree of certainty that each of these impacts and alternative actions may reliably be known; and (vi) the technical resources available, either in state or otherwise, to effect such alternative actions and improve our knowledge of their effectiveness and cost. [Reporting requirements of HJR47 (2020), are identical.]