• Date Due: January 15, 2009
  • Author: Division of Legislative Services, Joint Subcommittee
  • Enabling Authority: House Joint Resolution 91 (Regular Session, 2008)
  • Description:
    Special executive summary on ways in which the Commonwealth may work more closely with Virginia’s private, nonprofit colleges to meet state higher education needs and shall: i) review the success of the Tuition Assistance Grant Program and develop recommendations to increase the effectiveness and awareness of the program among Virginia families; (ii) evaluate current and future higher education enrollment needs and identify ways in which the Commonwealth can partner or enter into contracts with Virginia private colleges to meet these needs; (iii) examine the ability of private colleges to provide the technology, equipment, and facilities necessary to serve Virginia students; (iv) review publicly supported programs for private higher education in other states and consider the applicability of such programs to Virginia; and (v) examine the success of private colleges in educating disadvantaged students and recommend ways in which the Commonwealth can help private colleges continue this important public mission. [First year of a two-year study]