• Date Due: November 01, 2021
  • Author: Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry and Secretary of Health and Human Resources and Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security
  • Enabling Authority: Chapter 551 Enactment Clause 17. (Special Session I, 2021)
  • Description:
    Report on the findings and recommendations of the work group convened to develop a plan for identifying and collecting data that can determine the use and misuse of marijuana in order to determine appropriate policies and programs to promote public health and safety, including marijuana-related data regarding (i) poison control center calls; (ii) hospital and emergency room visits; (iii) impaired driving; (iv) use rates, including heavy or frequent use, mode of use, and demographic information for vulnerable populations, including youth and pregnant women; and (v) treatment rates for cannabis use disorder and any other diseases related to marijuana use; and shall detail the categories for which each data source will be collected, including the region where the individual lives or the incident occurred and the age and the race or ethnicity of the individual; and the means by which initial data will be collected as soon as practicable as a benchmark prior to or as soon as possible after the effective date of an act legalizing marijuana for adult use, the plan for regular collection of such data thereafter, and the cost of the initial and ongoing collection of such data; and shall recommend a timetable and determine the cost for analyzing and reporting the data. [Includes reporting requirements of Chapter 550, Enactment Clause 17., 2021 Special Session I Acts of Assembly.]