• Date Due: November 15, 2022
  • Author: Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
  • Enabling Authority: Code of Virginia - § 37.2-311.1 (D.)
  • Description:
    Annual report regarding the comprehensive crisis system (Marcus alert system) and the effectiveness of such system in meeting the goals set forth in Code of Virginia § 37.2-311.1, and shall include, for the previous calendar year, (i) a description of approved local Marcus alert programs in the Commonwealth, including the number of such programs operating in the Commonwealth, the number of such programs added in the previous calendar year, and an analysis of how such programs work to connect the Commonwealth's comprehensive crisis system and mobile crisis response programs; (ii) the number of calls received by the crisis call center, established pursuant to this section; (iii) the number of mobile crisis responses, undertaken by community care teams and mobile crisis teams in the Commonwealth; (iv) the number of mobile crisis responses that involved law-enforcement backup; (v) the number of crisis incidents and injuries to any parties involved; (vi) an analysis of the overall operation of any local protocols adopted or programs established pursuant to § 9.1-193, including any disparities in response and outcomes by race and ethnicity of individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis and recommendations for improvement of the programs; (vii) a description of the overall function of the Marcus alert program and the comprehensive crisis system, including a description of any successes and any challenges encountered; and (viii) recommendations for improvement of the Marcus alert system and approved local Marcus alert programs; and shall also include (a) a description of barriers to establishment of a local Marcus alert system program and community care or mobile crisis team to provide mobile crisis response in each geographical area served by a community services board or behavioral health authority in which such program and team has not been established, and (b) a plan for addressing such barriers in order to increase the number of local Marcus alert programs and community care or mobile crisis teams.