• Date Due: December 01, 2010
  • Author: Department of Conservation and Recreation
  • Enabling Authority: Code of Virginia - § 58.1-512 (C.2.)
  • Description:
    Annual report on qualified donations of less-than-fee interests accepted by any public or private conservation agency in the respective calendar year. The report shall include an estimate of the number of acres of land currently being used for "production agriculture and silviculture" as defined in § 3.2-300 that have been protected by qualified donations of less-than-fee interests. This report shall also include information, when available, on land qualifying for credits being used for "production agriculture and silviculture" that have onsite operational best management practices, which are designed to reduce the amount of nutrients and sediment entering public waters.Qualified donations shall not include the conveyance of a fee interest, or a less-than-fee interest, in real property by a charitable organization that (i) meets the definition of "holder" in § 10.1-1009 and (ii) holds one or more conservation easements.