• Date Due: December 01, 2014
  • Author: Chief Information Officer of the Commonwealth
  • Enabling Authority: Appropriation Act - Item 425 F. (Special Session I, 2014)
  • Description:
    Update to the December 31, 2013 assessment of the comprehensive infrastructure agreement between the Commonwealth of Virginia and Northrop Grumman Information Technology, Inc. The assessment shall (i) include a detailed overview of all in-scope agency infrastructure transition timelines and costs, including untransformed agencies; (ii) describe all efforts undertaken to ensure the market competitiveness of the fees paid by the Commonwealth to Northrop Grumman; (iii) assess whether the financial and contractual terms of the comprehensive agreement ensure that the Commonwealth's needs are met, including whether any modifications thereto are required; and (iv) identify options available to the Commonwealth at the expiry of the current agreement including any anticipated steps required to plan for its expiration.