• Date Due: July 01, 2021
  • Author: Virginia Employment Commission
  • Enabling Authority: Chapter 771 Enactment Clause 2. (Regular Session, 2013)
  • Description:
    Biennial report on the implementation of § 60.2-528.1 of the Code of Virginia. Each report of the Virginia Employment Commission shall provide information, aggregated so as not to identify specific employers or claimants, regarding the number of employers that have been deemed to have established a pattern of failing to respond timely or adequately to written requests for information, the amount of benefit charges not relieved from employers' accounts as a result of the implementation of such section, the assessment of civil penalties pursuant to such section, the effectiveness of the section in reducing the number and amount of erroneous payments made to claimants and in increasing the percentage of employers that provide timely and adequate responses to requests for information relating to claims for compensation, and the effect thereof on the solvency level of the Unemployment Trust Fund and the average state unemployment tax per employee. Each report shall include information regarding the burden of complying with and administering the section and recommendations for legislative changes that would ease such burdens and increase the section's effectiveness.