• Date Due: November 30, 2022
  • Author: Secretary of Education and Department of Education
  • Enabling Authority: Chapter 99 Enactment Clause 1., § 2. (Regular Session, 2022)
  • Description:
    Report on the findings and recommendations of the stakeholders convened by the Board of Education, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Secretary of Education to evaluate the following goals: (i) promoting excellence in instruction and student achievement in mathematics; (ii) expanding the Advanced Studies Diploma as an option for students in public high schools in the Commonwealth; (iii) increasing the transparency and honesty of performance measures for public elementary and secondary schools in the Commonwealth; (iv) ensuring that performance measures for public elementary and secondary schools prioritize the attainment of grade-level proficiency and growth during the course of a school year and from school year to school year in reading and mathematics for all students, especially in grades kindergarten through five; (v) ensuring that the Commonwealth's proficiency standards on Standards of Learning assessments in reading and mathematics are maintained; and (vi) ensuring a strong accreditation system that promotes meaningful accountability year-over-year.