• Date Due: December 20, 2019
  • Author: State Executive Council for Children's Services
  • Enabling Authority: Code of Virginia - § 2.2-2648 (D.21.)
  • Description:
    Biennial report on the progress of comprehensive services to children, youth and families and a plan for the next succeeding biennium, including: a. fiscal profile of current and previous years' federal and state expenditures for a comprehensive service system for children, youth and families; b. information and recommendations from local comprehensive service systems with responsibility for planning and delivering services to children, youth and families; c. goals for comprehensive services and the estimated costs of implementing, progress toward previously identified goals and establish priorities for the coming biennium; d. report and analyze expenditures associated with children who do not receive pool funding and have emotional and behavioral problems; e. identify funding streams used to purchase services in addition to pooled, Medicaid, and Title IV-E funding; and f. other information or recommendations as may be necessary and appropriate for the improvement and coordinated development of the state's comprehensive services system. [Includes the reporting requirement of Item 282 H., 2019 Appropriation Act]