HD23 - 1977 Report of the Virginia Housing Study Commission

  • Published: 1978
  • Author: Virginia Housing Study Commission
  • Enabling Authority: Senate Joint Resolution 127 (Regular Session, 1977)

Executive Summary:

One of the primary endeavors of the Virginia Housing Study Commission is to seek, through the recommendation of legislation and administrative suggestion, conditions conducive to the provision of housing in the Commonwealth of Virginia primarily for the low and moderate income citizens.

Throughout the year, the Virginia Housing Study Commission has conducted extensive public hearings and research involving the topics and specific recommendations made within this report.

The 1976 General Assembly through Senate Joint Resolution 127, requested the Commission to investigate fire prevention and safety in State-owned buildings in addition to local review and enforcement of fire safety standards in these buildings. After receiving testimony from numerous local fire departments, the Commission supports the introduction of legislation as outlined within the Report.

In addition to this mandated study, the Commission conducted an extensive study in areas such as energy conservation and housing development authorities. The 1976 Report to the Governor specifically mentioned these topics as warranting further study.

Finally, this Report includes recommendations and suggestions that have resulted from input at the public hearings from agencies, organizations and individual citizens.