HD50 - Virginia's Criminal Justice System

  • Published: 1994
  • Author: Virginia State Crime Commission
  • Enabling Authority: House Joint Resolution 523 (Regular Session, 1993)

Executive Summary:
House Joint Resolution 523, sponsored by Delegates James F. Almand, Robert B. Ball, Sr., Senator Edgar S. Robb and passed by the 1993 General Assembly, directed the Crime Commission to study the Virginia criminal justice system and to develop a comprehensive plan for its improvement. A multi-agency working group was established to identify and consider the major issues confronting the criminal justice system and develop a set of recommendations that would form the basis for a comprehensive plan for the improvement of the system.

The Working Group identified five major problem areas for consideration: criminal justice information and communication, prevention, law enforcement, disposition/sentencing, and institutional placement/client services. Five subcommittees were established to study each of these issues. These subcommittees then developed a list of thirty-two preliminary recommendations for the improvement of the system.

Only one of these recommendations, concerning the evaluation of the Jail Services Project, has been advanced by the Working Group for immediate consideration of the State Crime Commission. The rest of the preliminary recommendations will be reserved for continuing study over the upcoming year. Each recommendation will be further evaluated for fiscal impact and prioritized for funding by the General Assembly. The Working Group will focus their attention on the development of creative funding schemes and will be cognizant of the fiscal constraints on the Commonwealth at this time.