HD21 - Interim Report of the Dulles Airport Economic Study Commission

Executive Summary:
The Dulles Airport Regional Economic Study Commission was created during the 1994 Regular Session of the Virginia General Assembly by passage of House Joint Resolution No. 176. It was charged with reviewing development plans, trends, and potentials of Washington/Dulles International Airport and the surrounding region in order to minimize conflicts while maximizing mutually supportive growth both on and off Airport property. The time required for the appointment of eight citizen members - representing a specific entity or interest - and the convening of special sessions of the legislature in July and September limited what the Commission could accomplish in only one year. However, owing in large measure to the assistance of a specially appointed Subcommittee, the full Commission was able to obtain a considerable overview of the Dulles Airport region's economic development strengths and weaknesses and position itself; if its mandate is extended by the General Assembly, promptly to address the Region's problems and potentials on a priority basis, beginning in the spring of 1995.

The Commission believes an aggressive economic and air service development program - similar to that implemented for the ports of Hampton Roads beginning in the 1950's - is essential to protect and enhance the competitive position of Virginia and the Dulles Region and recommends that the Commission's mandate be extended for an additional year in order to make further recommendations relating to such a program.