HD24 - Civil Remedies to Enhance Protection of Vulnerable Adults From Financial Exploitation

Executive Summary:
House Joint Resolution 84 passed by the 1994 session of the Virginia General Assembly requested the Virginia Bar Association to study issues related to the financial abuse of elders and of incapacitated adults. The resolution specified that the study examine the use and the potential abuse of powers of attorney and explore methods of strengthening civil remedies to enhance the protection of vulnerable adults from financial exploitation.

The Virginia Bar Association's report on "Financial Abuse of Vulnerable Adults and the Durable Power of Attorney", House Document No. 13, was submitted to the Governor and the 1995 General Assembly in response to the first study request.

This document was prepared in response to the second study request. The full text of the resolution is provided in Appendix A.

The Virginia Bar Association was responsible for conducting the study. To assist with the study, the Virginia Bar Association formed a study committee of individuals who have relevant professional experience and expertise.