HD25 - House Bill 710 Mandated Coverage for Radioisotopic Implantation as a Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Executive Summary:
The 1996 House Committee on Corporations, Insurance and Banking referred House Bill 710 to the Special Advisory Commission on Mandated Health Insurance Benefits (Advisory Commission) to be reviewed prior to the 1997 Session of the General Assembly. House Bill 710 is patroned by Delegate Clarence E. Phillips.

The Advisory Commission held a public hearing on July 12, 1996, in Richmond to receive public comments on House Bill 710. In addition to the bill's chief patron, a prostate cancer patient who chose radioisotopic implantation as treatment for prostate cancer, and a urologist from the Eastern Virginia Medical School, spoke in favor of the bill. The prostate cancer patient and the urologist also submitted written testimony in favor of the bill. Representatives from the Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA) and the Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA) spoke in opposition to the bill. A representative from Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield (Trigon) responded to questions regarding a Blue Cross Blue Shield Association study on radioisotopic implantation. Written comments opposing the bill were received from HIAA, VMA, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Trigon, HealthKeepers, Inc., CIGNA HealthCare of Virginia, Inc., and the Virginia Association of Health Maintenance Organizations (VAHMO).

The Advisory Commission concluded its review of House Bill 710 on September 19, 1996.