HD66 - The Use of Home Electronic Incarceration in Virginia

Executive Summary:
The Crime Commission formulated its findings with respect to the use of home electronic incarceration based on data obtained from a survey, conducted in conjunction with the Department of Criminal Justice Services, of regional jail administrators and sheriffs and information provided by House Appropriations Committee Staff and the Department of Corrections. Based on this information, the Commission was able determine the extent to which home electronic incarceration is utilized in the Commonwealth for local as well as state responsible offenders; to compare the cost of home electronic incarceration for local responsible offenders to the cost of traditional confinement in jail; and to review the cost associated with home electronic incarceration for state responsible offenders.

In addition, the Commission carefully analyzed a recent Attorney General's opinion which concluded that, under the current statute, inmates assigned to home electronic incarceration are not eligible to receive good time credit. With input from Virginia sheriffs and regional jail administrators, the Commission ultimately, recommended that the Code of Virginia be amended to allow good time credit to be awarded to inmates assigned to home electronic incarceration programs.