HD71 - Report of the Commission on Family Violence Prevention

Executive Summary:
The Commission on Family Violence Prevention was established pursuant to House Joint Resolution 279 in 1994 and continued through Senate Joint Resolution 27 in 1996 and HJR 664 in 1997. The Commission has involved a broad base of citizens in its work this year: 185 individuals on task groups, 49 individuals on subcommittees, and 30 individuals on the Commission. Since it began in 1994, the work of the Commission has involved over 700 Virginians from across the Commonwealth.

The Commission is charged to study family violence, including domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, sexual assault, and stalking, to: further study the impact of family violence on children; continue to examine the availability and accessibility of services and resources to victims of family violence; determine the role of the business, religious, and scholastic communities in the prevention of and response to family violence; and, determine services, resources and legislation which may be needed to further address, prevent, and treat family violence.