HD48 - Study of Reimbursement and Quality of Care Issues Regarding Telemedicine Pursuant to HJR 210

Executive Summary:

House Joint Resolution (HJR) 210 of the 1998 Session of the General Assembly directed the Joint Commission on Health Care, in consultation with the Department of Health and the Department of Medical Assistance Services, to examine quality of care and reimbursement issues related to telemedicine. Specifically, HJR 210 directs the Joint Commission to examine: (i) the experience of other states with regard to reimbursement for telemedicine services and options for the Commonwealth in developing such reimbursement policy; (ii) what services can be cost-effectively and efficiently provided through telemedicine for which Medicaid reimbursement is appropriate; and (iii) the appropriate role for the Department of Health in identifying medically underserved areas of the Commonwealth in which telemedicine services could expand access to health care. The Joint Commission was directed to complete its work in time to submit its findings and recommendations to the 1999 Session of the General Assembly.