HD67 - Report of the State Water Commission

Executive Summary:
The State Water Commission is a permanent agency of the Commonwealth directed by statute to (i) study all qualitative and quantitative water supply and allocation problems in the Commonwealth, (ii) coordinate the legislative recommendations of other state entities responsible for water supply and allocation issues, and (iii) report annually its findings and recommendations to the Governor and the General Assembly (Va. Code § 9-145.8). During 1998, the Commission was requested by the General Assembly to study four water supply issues. Pursuant to House Joint Resolution No. 272, the Commission examined the Commonwealth's efforts to provide complete indoor plumbing facilities for low-income residences. The Commission continued its two year-study of innovative technologies and other options for providing a safe, reliable and affordable drinking water supply for southwestern Virginia. At the request of officials of the City of Norfolk, the Commission reviewed certain provisions of the Ground Water Management Act which affect the City's authority to withdraw ground water. Lastly, the 1998 Session requested the Commission to study ways of making optimal use of Virginia's water resources (HJR 236). The Commission's findings and conclusions on this topic are included in a separate report.