HD112 - Chronic Traffic Offenders/DWI

Executive Summary:
In 1999, the Virginia General Assembly passed House Joint Resolution 551 (HJR 551/Callahan) directing the Virginia State Crime Commission to continue its study of alternative means of sanctioning habitual offenders of the Commonwealth's laws regarding the operation of motor vehicles, and to examine the effectiveness of vehicle seizure in reducing re-arrest among recalcitrant drunk drivers. The study further directs the Crime Commission to determine what traffic offenses pose the greatest threat, through property damage, bodily injury and/or death to the citizens of the Commonwealth and to then develop additional or alternative sanctions aimed at preventing habitual offenders from illegally operating motor vehicles. Finally, the study mandate directs the Commission to assess the effectiveness of various vehicle seizure programs operating in other states, as well as determine the feasibility of implementing such vehicle seizure programs in the Commonwealth.