HD98 - Assisted Living and Services for Vulnerable Adults Issues in Long-term Care Pursuant to HJR 689, HJR 751, SJR 485 and SJR 486

Executive Summary:

Bills and resolutions approved during the 1999 General Assembly direct the Joint Commission Health Care to study a number of long-term care related issues. These include issues related to adult care residences, adult foster care, and services for vulnerable adults. These study mandates include HJR 689, HJR 751, SJR 485, and SJR 486.

HJR 689 directs the Joint Commission on Health Care to (i) review the settings and delivery of care to vulnerable adults in Virginia; (ii) enlist the input of the agencies providing services to vulnerable adults and those agencies licensing or otherwise regulating facilities and individuals providing care; (iii) review other states' laws and regulations concerning personal care services, home health care, hospice, and personal attendants; (iv) seek advice from Virginia's vulnerable adults and their families; (v) evaluate any administrative or court cases which may be reviewed without breach of confidentiality; and (vi) review such reports and academic studies of the issues as may be available.

HJR 751 directs the Joint Commission on Health Care to: study and make recommendations relating to the issue of flexibility in the Board of Social Services regulations to meet changing consumer needs as the Board initiates its regular three-year review of the regulations of adult care residences. Specifically, the Commission shall identify ways in which such regulations can be adapted to ensure that core services can be made available to persons as they "age in place" at their current residences.

SJR 485 directs the Joint Commission on Health Care to study: the effectiveness of adult foster care programs in Virginia and other jurisdictions [and to include] such recommendations as may be appropriate to encourage and promote the availability of adult foster care programs in the Commonwealth and other related issues as the Commission may deem appropriate.

SJR 486 directs the Joint Commission on Health Care to "undertake a comparative review of services provided in assisted living facilities, including payment rate and waiver option approaches utilized in other jurisdictions." Specifically, the resolution directs that: such review should address payment schedules for programs funded by the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS), the Auxiliary Grant, and the care managers funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS). In addition, such review should consider benefit packages, in addition to salary, [that are] available to service providers. To determine the consistency of the DSS Adult Protective Services function statewide, such review also should include funding available for oversight responsibilities for the same. Finally, such review should include such other related issues as may seem appropriate.