RD21 - Recommended Technology Investment Projects for the 2004-2006 Budget Biennium

Executive Summary:
The Code of Virginia, Section 2.2-2458, requires the Commonwealth Information Technology Investment Board (ITIB) to submit a list of recommended technology investment projects and priorities for funding such projects to the Governor and General Assembly by September 1 of each year. The ITIB held its first meeting on August 5, 2003 and elected George Newstrom, CIO, as the Board Chairman. The Board Chairman, acting on behalf of the ITIB, hereby submits the Recommended Technology Investment Projects Report to the Governor and General Assembly for the 2004-2006 Budget Biennium.

The Agency Information Technology Strategic Planning (ITSP) Process for the 2004-2006 Budget Biennium was used to collect the information necessary to construct the report and as a vehicle for the CIO to approve the planning phase of the recommended technology investments (Code of Virginia, Sections 2.2-2008 and 2.2-2018). Staff from the VITA Project Management Division (PMD) assisted the CIO with information collection, analysis, and report compilation.

In July, Secretary Newstrom provided each Cabinet Secretary a status of the ITSP data collection effort and outlined a process for incorporating recommendations from the Secretaries and the Department of Planning and Budget in the final report. Major technology project proposals from agencies served as the basis for determining which investments were evaluated for recommendation. A preliminary project list was provided to the Department of Planning and Budget (DPB) for review and comment prior to individual meetings with each Secretariat. The DPB review alerted the Secretary of Finance to pending project recommendations and provided the VITA PMD staff with information regarding possible budget issues.

In August, the Deputy Secretary of Technology and VITA staff conducted a series of meetings with each Secretariat. At the meetings, preliminary project recommendations and rankings for the Secretariat were reviewed and discussed. Where applicable, the Secretariat reports identified potential collaboration opportunities for technology investments. The results of each Secretariat review were considered in the final report to the Governor and General Assembly approved by the Chairman of the ITIB.