RD89 - 2004 Annual Report of the Virginia State Crime Commission

Executive Summary:

The Virginia State Crime Commission, created in1986, is a legislative entity authorized by the Code of Virginia §§ 30-156--164 to research and make recommendations on all aspects of criminal justice and public safety issues. The Crime Commission is a Criminal Justice Agency as defined in Title 9.1-101 of the Code of Virginia.

Pursuant to House and Senate Joint Resolutions, General Assembly committees' direction, member requests and it's own initiative, the Commission focuses on, among other things, issues related to:

• Institutional and community corrections;
• Education and treatment of inmates;
• Powers of law enforcement officers;
• Training and compensation of criminal justice professionals; and,
• Criminal statutes and procedures.

The Commission makes recommendations as it deems appropriate with respect to the foregoing matters, and coordinates the proposals and recommendations of all commissions and agencies as to legislation affecting crimes, crime control and criminal procedure. The Commission cooperates with the executive branch of state government, the Attorney General's office and the judiciary who are in turn encouraged to cooperate with the Commission. The Commission also cooperates with state and federal governmental agencies.

Thirteen members from across the state comprise the Commission's membership. The Speaker of the House appoints three members from the House of Delegates; the Senate Committee on Privileges andElections appoints three members from the Senate; the Governor appoints three members; and, the Attorney General or his designee. Each member serves on the Commission for four years; and, the Commission elects its own chairman every two years.