HD13 - On-Road Emissions Testing Program Status

Executive Summary:
2006 House Joint Resolution 208 provides “That the Department of Environmental Quality be requested to consult with the Environmental Protection Agency to identify and implement ways to increase the use of on-road remote sensing of vehicle emissions. The Department of Environmental Quality, in consultation with the Environmental Protection Agency, is further requested to identify gross polluters and increase the percentage of vehicles that may be prescreened using on-road remote sensing of vehicle emissions in the Northern Virginia nonattainment area and include information on associated costs and air quality benefits and impacts.” It also directs the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to report to the General Assembly their progress with meeting the requests identified in the resolution to the 2007 and 2008 General Assemblies.

In August 2006, DEQ implemented the high emitter identification program and has notified 43 owners of vehicles that their vehicle had been observed as having emissions higher than specified standards. The owners of these vehicles are asked to receive a verification emissions test and make necessary repairs. In October 2006 DEQ began issuing notices to vehicles that met clean screen criteria. As of October 2006, DEQ had issued 34 clean screen notices. Vehicles that receive clean screen notices are viewed as having a passing emission test and not required to receive an emission test in the near future.

DEQ currently does not receive credit for conducting the on-road emissions testing program in its State Implementation Plan and is working with EPA to identify ways to obtain credit for emission reductions achieved through the onroad emission testing program. DEQ will also contact other states conducting on-road emissions testing to identify partnerships that may be established to pursue receiving additional credits for on-road testing programs from EPA.

A follow-up report will be provided to the 2008 General Assembly that provides an update on the agency’s progress with implementing the on-road emissions testing program and will identify opportunities for increasing the use of on-road emission testing to clean screen vehicles.