RD175 - Report On the Progress in Implementing Rail Improvements to the Fredericksburg Rail Yard to Reduce Dwell Times of Hazardous Material Shipments - September 1, 2011

Executive Summary:
Attached for your review is a report on progress to implement improvements to CSX Transportation's Fredericksburg Yard in Fredericksburg, Virginia as directed in Chapter 890, Item 448.G.1. - 448 G.4. of the 2011 Acts of Assembly [H1500]. The Bill authorizes Industrial Access Railroad Track funds for improvements which reduce the average dwell times of hazardous material shipments subject to regulation under Title 49 CFR Part 174 et seq. to not longer than 24 hours. This report is provided by the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation to:

i. Inform the Senate Finance Committees and House Appropriation Committees of progress to date with CSX, the Department, and the affected localities;

ii. Communicate the concerns of stakeholders in achieving the goals of the project; and

iii. Clarify the next steps which will be taken by the Department and CSX to implement the goals of Items 448.G.1. - 448 G.4. utilizing Industrial Access Railroad Track funds.

Thelma D. Drake