RD177 - Violent Crime Strike Forces and State/Local Anti-Crime Partnerships - October 2011

Executive Summary:
Upon request, the Department of State Police currently provides law enforcement assistance to localities through the Violent Crime Strike Forces and the Anti-Crime Partnerships. To enable the Department to provide greater assistance to localities, the Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Interdiction Unit increases the Department’s capability to assist localities by providing a cadre of highly mobile troopers to immediately blanket areas of escalating criminal activity. The Counter-Terrorism and Criminal Interdiction Unit in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation has seven separate areas that are consistent with the geographical boundaries of the seven field divisions. During FY2011, partnership initiatives were conducted in the jurisdictions of Emporia/Greensville County, Hampton, Newport News, and Richmond. These operations have proven successful in accomplishing established goals of violent crime suppression and enforcement of firearms, illegal drug and gang violations.

The results of operations conducted during FY2011 are as follows:

Persons Arrested: 325
Total Charges: 463
Weapons Seized: 45

Value of Drugs Seized: $55,170
Currency Seized: $13,311
Assets Seized: $140
Total: $68,621

The Department of State Police will continue to monitor all operations to ensure that program objectives are met and that those communities that have requested assistance are receiving law enforcement support to the degree necessary in identified problem areas. This will provide citizens with a higher degree of confidence that their neighborhoods and streets are safe, secure, and are no longer havens for criminal activity.