RD109 - Joint Commission on Health Care 2011 Annual Report

Executive Summary:

*The 2011 Annual Report was replaced in its entirety by the Joint Commission on Health Care on August 16, 2012.

The 2011 Annual Report describes the research and legislative activities of the Joint Commission on Health Care (JCHC), a standing commission of the General Assembly.


Delegate Benjamin L. Cline, Chair
Senator Linda T. Puller, Vice-Chair

Delegate Robert H. Brink
Delegate David L. Bulova
Delegate Rosalyn R. Dance
Delegate T. Scott Garrett
Delegate Algie T. Howell, Jr.
Delegate Harvey B. Morgan
Delegate David A. Nutter
Delegate John M. O’Bannon, III
Delegate Christopher K. Peace

Senator George L. Barker
Senator Harry B. Blevins
Senator R. Edward Houck
Senator L. Louise Lucas
Senator Ralph S. Northam
Senator Patricia S. Ticer
Senator William C. Wampler, Jr.
The Honorable William A. Hazel, Jr. (ex officio)
Secretary of Health and Human Resources


Five Joint Commission meetings and two meetings by each of JCHC’s Subcommittees – on Behavioral Health Care and Healthy Living/Health Services – were held in 2011; meeting materials may be found on the website http://jchc.virginia.gov.

Legislation, introduced on behalf of the Joint Commission and enacted by the 2012 General Assembly, addressed public access to vital records, established an All-Payer Claims Database, limited unlawful access to methamphetamine precursors, and promoted public awareness of Shaken Baby Syndrome.