RD134 - Office of Comprehensive Services - Transferring CSA Billing to the Department of Medical Assistance Services -- May 2012

Executive Summary:
Report Mandate

During the 2011 General Assembly Session the following budget language was adopted and included within the Comprehensive Services Act’s budget.

"Item 274, “L. The Office of Comprehensive Services, in collaboration with the Department of Medical Assistance Services, shall explore the possibility of transferring the comprehensive services billing system to the Department of Medical Assistance Services. The Office of Comprehensive Services shall report to the Governor and the Chairmen of the House Appropriations and Senate Finance Committees on the costs and potential savings of transferring the system, as well as a timeline for implementation, by October 1, 2011.”


Exploration of the potential to transfer billing of services under the Comprehensive Services Act (CSA) to the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) was prompted by the desire to identify a method to improve the accountability, efficiency and predictability of public funds while maintaining the vision and the flexibility of the CSA program. The goal for this project was to identify whether the proposed change to billing practices would be an efficacious means by which to attain benefits such as the following:

• Improved accountability and integrity of the CSA program

• Centralized database for improved data mining analysis

• Enhanced ability to forecast future program needs

• Statewide standardization of CSA program policies and procedures

• Reduction in administrative program costs

• Reduction in administrative burden on localities