RD264 - Progress Report on the Department of Human Resource Management’s Plan to Implement an Automated Time, Attendance, and Leave (TAL) Application for Use by Executive Branch Agencies

Executive Summary:
The Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) is charged with developing and deploying enterprise-wide human resource solutions, and modernizing the Commonwealth's central human resource systems and data repositories. This project will provide a Time, Attendance and Leave (TAL) option to Executive Branch agencies, and by definition, will be a central administrative system. Creating technologically advanced systems and efficient infrastructure capabilities that deliver accurate and consistent employment information throughout the Commonwealth is a key goal within this department’s strategic plan. The attributes of the TAL Project correlate to this goal and to the strategic priorities of the Governor.

• Item 75.I of Chapter 890, 2011 Virginia Acts of Assembly, required this Department to “develop a plan to implement an automated time, attendance, and leave (TAL) application for use by executive branch agencies.”

• § 2.2-2008-5 of the Code of Virginia requires that the Commonwealth’s Chief Information Officer review and approve or disapprove the selection or termination of any Commonwealth information technology project that has not been defined or designated as a major information technology project pursuant to § 2.2-225 or that does not have high risk and high complexity. For any Commonwealth information technology projects defined or designated as major information technology projects, or that have high risk and high complexity, the CIO shall recommend approval or disapproval to the Secretary pursuant to § 2.2-225.

In accordance with the above statute, this department’s TAL Project request was approved by the Chief Information Officer for inclusion in the agency's information technology strategic plan on August 12, 2011, and was given Investment Business Case Approval (Planning Approval) on August 16, 2011.

• Grant funding for project staff was made available from the Productivity Investment Fund (PIF).

• The Governor’s Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring formally recommended that DHRM streamline and simplify policies and records for Time, Attendance, and Leave.

• Executive Directive 3 (2011) requires that DHRM streamline and modernize the policies and paperwork requirements for state employee time, attendance, and leave (TAL). This shall include a wholesale review of the leave system and the plan for an online, employee-friendly system for more effective TAL tracking.