RD271 - 2011-2012 Center for Rural Virginia Annual Activity Report

Executive Summary:
In 2011-2012, Center for Rural Virginia Trustees and staff actively sought out and formed working collaboratives to address pressing economic issues that face rural regions. Specifically, an on-going outreach to Planning District Commissions, Economic Developers, government leaders and rural leaders at all levels concerning the need for economically viable solutions to sustain rural. Rural areas continue to lose productive capacity, face loss of business small and large, and lose valuable citizens to other areas of the Commonwealth or to the state entirely.

Stronger working collaboratives are not only a major accomplishment for the Rural Center, they are vital to the future of rural Virginia. The Center for Rural Virginia and the Council for Rural Virginia serve jointly as the statewide voice and leading advocate for rural policy under the umbrella of Va Rural Center. Rural strength lies in cross-sector collaboration in order to create a competitive advantage, enable and promote strategic initiatives, focus on comprehensive outcomes, and advocate for policy to enhance economic growth and social development.