RD187 - Office of the State Inspector General Annual Report - FY 2013

Executive Summary:
I am honored to serve as the Commonwealth’s first State Inspector General and I am humbled by the responsibilities of this Office. I was appointed by Governor McDonnell and commenced my service on July 2, 2012. On the day I was appointed, the Office of the State Inspector General did not physically exist -- except in the Code of Virginia where the duties and responsibilities of the OSIG were effective July 1, 2012. Notwithstanding the Code of Virginia description, the OSIG lacked staff, organizational structure, office space, equipment, a mission statement, and the infrastructure needed to support an executive agency of state government.

Therefore, it is with enthusiasm and great pride for the effective work of our staff that I share with you our progress during the first year of operations covering the period July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013. Also, I would like to thank the countless people, who are too numerous to list, for their indispensable support that helped to create the OSIG. Without your patience and counsel, we could not have accomplished so much in our first year.

As is discussed in the pages that follow, the OSIG has made important strides towards the creation of a framework to support the operation of this Office, while, at the same time, it worked diligently to accomplish the core responsibilities set-out in the enabling legislation. That said, when you view the FY 2014 Goals below you will appreciate that, despite our considerable progress thus far, we have only just begun.


Michael F. A. Morehart, CPA
State Inspector General