RD297 - Annual Report of Space Needs in Local Departments of Social Services - November 1, 2013

Executive Summary:
This report contains a prioritized list of projects requiring funding in local departments of social services (LDSS). The report was developed as directed by the 2013 Appropriations Act, Item 345 C (Appendix A), in an effort to more systematically evaluate funding requests made by local departments through their elected state representatives. The listing was compiled using a data collection model developed by the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) with support from the Virginia League of Social Services Executives (League) Administrative Committee in July 2006. The data collection tool was developed considering guidance provided in the 2006 Appropriations Act, similar tools used by the Departments of Health and General Services, and input from VDSS and League core team members.

This report prioritizes local space needs based on a set of quantitative measures. Ratings of local department space were completed at the local level based on the model discussed previously. The raw data received were then normalized for scoring disparities and weighted based on criteria agreed to by VDSS and the League Administrative Committee.

The prioritized listing of local department space needs is presented at Appendix B. In general terms, local department space costs are funded by a mix of approximately 52 percent federal, 33 percent state, and 15 percent local funds.

VDSS recognizes that there is significant need for additions to and improvement of LDSS facilities. If funds are available, however, VDSS recommends that funding be provided to address LDSS space needs in localities with the most severe need as identified by the 2006 study - the study to which VDSS received the most comprehensive responses.