RD322 - Evaluation of the Regulation of Residential Building Energy Analysts Pursuant to the Fourth Enactment Clause of Chapter 865 of the 2011 Regular Session

Executive Summary:
The Board for Professional and Occupational Regulation (BPOR) evaluated the implementation and regulatory framework of the newly mandated licensure program for Residential Building Energy Analysts.

Regulations administering the program under the Board for Contractors became effective July 1, 2013, and as of this report, 53 individuals and 29 firms are actively licensed.

Data is insufficient at this early date to make a fully informed assessment regarding the appropriateness of the existing degree of professional regulation. BPOR, the Department and all its regulatory programs strive to regulate professions as assigned by the legislature in the least intrusive, least burdensome and most efficient manner possible, while protecting the public’s health, safety and welfare.

BPOR will continue to monitor and evaluate the Residential Building Energy Analyst regulatory program, as will the Board for Contractors through its recurrent regulatory review opportunities.