RD338 - Review of Virginia’s Pre- and Post-Incarceration Services - November 15, 2013

Executive Summary:
Item 393 #7c of the 2013 Budget Bill directed that “The Department of Criminal Justice Services shall review the Offender Reentry and Transitional Services programs to determine the services provided by such programs, the types of funding provided to each program and the value to be placed on volunteer hours, the number of released offenders participating in each service and in each program, and the effectiveness of the services delivered by such programs in reducing recidivism for the released offenders.”

The “Offender Reentry and Transitional Services” (ORTS) programs refers to the prisoner reentry programs funded by the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). The programs have at various times been identified as “Pre-release and Post-incarceration Services” (PAPIS), ORTS, and the Virginia Prisoner Reentry Program. To reduce confusion, throughout this report they will be consistently referred to as PAPIS programs.