RD127 - Virginia Racing Commission 2013 Annual Report

Executive Summary:
In compliance with the Code of Virginia Title 59, Chapter 59.1-369 (9), which provides as related to horse racing with pari-mutuel wagering, it is my pleasure and privilege to submit the 2013 Annual Report of the Virginia Racing Commission.

The Virginia Racing Commission relies on the revenue generated from a very small percentage of all pari-mutuel wagers made in the Commonwealth, which includes those at Colonial Downs, and at the Gold Cup Steeplechase races. Additionally, wagers made at the satellite wagering facilities or by telephone account and via the internet are also included. This revenue funds the daily operations of the agency and permits us to meet our financial obligation to the General Fund as required by the Appropriations Act.

The Commission shall remain committed to the protection, and the maintenance of integrity of the participants and our loyal customers. As always, we shall continue to rely on the support of horse racing and the related equine industry from you and your administration, as well as the General Assembly.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Bernard J. Hettel
Executive Secretary