RD160 - Chesapeake Bay and Virginia Waters Clean-Up Plan - Progress Report - May 2014

Executive Summary:
This report was developed to comply with water quality reporting requirements stipulated in § 62.1-44.118 of the Code of Virginia. This section of code requires the Secretary of Natural Resources to submit semiannual progress reports May 1 and November 1 regarding implementation of the impaired waters clean-up plan as described in § 62.1-44.117. Pursuant to § 62.1-44.118, the May 1 progress report focuses exclusively on clean-up plan implementation whereas the November 1 report consolidates additional annual reporting requirements and any plan updates/revisions as appropriate.

During the reporting period, the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has invested significant time and effort in two initiatives that are not specifically addressed by the Virginia Waters Clean-Up Plan but are included in this report: developing the Nonpoint Source Management Plan and responding to the Dan River coal ash spill (in partnership with the Virginia Department of Health [VDH] and the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries [DGIF]). Actions and progress-to-date are discussed in detail. The remaining updates in this progress report are organized according to the Clean-Up Strategy Components laid out in the Virginia Waters Clean-Up Plan. Programs and initiatives that have not experienced significant changes since the November 2013 report have been excluded from this report but will continue to be covered in the future.