RD164 - Joint Commission on Health Care 2013 Annual Report

Executive Summary:

In keeping with its statutory mandate, the Joint Commission completed studies; received reports and considered comments from public and private organizations, advocates, industry representatives, and other interested parties; and introduced legislation to advance the quality of health care, long-term care, and behavioral health care in the Commonwealth.

Joint Commission on Health Care

The full membership of the Joint Commission met four times in 2013. These four meetings were held May 21, September 17, October 22 and November 18. Meeting materials including presentations, handouts, and minutes are posted on the website at http://jchc.virginia.gov.

The following staff reports were presented during the 2013 JCHC meetings:

• Update on the Virginia Physician Workforce Shortage
• Implementation of Expedited Partner Therapy
• Factors Affecting Health Care Costs
• State Designee for the Federal Rural Health Grant Program
• Costs Associated with Untreated Dental Disease
• Update on Eating Disorders Study Outcomes

In addition, JCHC members heard from the following invited presenters.

Michael T. Lundberg of Virginia Health Information (VHI) gave an update on Virginia's All-Payer Claims Database during the meeting in May.

In the September meeting, Commissioner James A. Rothrock provided an overview of the newly-formed Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services, Beth A. Bortz described several projects and priorities of the Virginia Center for Health Innovation, and Dr. Dianne Reynolds-Cane discussed findings of the 2012 Physicians Survey Report completed by the Department of Health Professions.

In the meeting in October, Alfred D. Hinkle, Jr. and Michel T. Lundberg presented VHI's 2013 Annual Report.

During the meeting in November, Ashley Chapman and Kelly Fitzgerald discussed the results of a survey that addressed cost sharing for specialty tier medications which was followed by discussion of the Decision Matrix.

Behavioral Health Care Subcommittee

Meetings of the Behavioral Health Care Subcommittee were held on May 21 and September 17. Three staff reports were presented to the Behavioral Health Care Subcommittee:

• Overview of article on Mental Health Provisions of PPACA and Medicaid Expansion in Virginia
• Avenues for Expanding Telehealth for Mental Health Services
• Needs of Individuals with ASD Transitioning from Secondary Schools

In addition during the May meeting, the Subcommittee heard from John J. Pezzoli regarding the major programs and initiatives of the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS); in September, Dr. Michael Schaefer and Victoria Cochran discussed several presentations heard during a conference on "Cross-Systems Collaboration between Legal and Mental Health." (The conference was sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors and was hosted by DBHDS.)

Healthy Living/Health Services Subcommittee

The Healthy Living/Health Services Subcommittee met in June and October of 2013. Two staff reports were presented to the Healthy Living/Health Services Subcommittee:

• Follow-Up Study on Cost Sharing for Specialty Tier Prescription Medications Transfers
• Age Restrictions for Tanning Bed Use

The Subcommittee heard presentations in June regarding Hampton University's Proton Therapy Institute and the CHIP of Virginia Prenatal and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program. During the meeting in October presentations regarding Breakfast after the Bell, Virginia's settlement agreement with the Department of Justice, recommendations of the Mental Health Work Group of the Governor's Task Force on School and Campus Safety, and "The Virginia Cancer Plan 2013-2017."

In 2013, JCHC staff served as members:

Age Wave Plan for Greater Richmond – Leadership Committee, Well Communities Subcommittee, and Data Advisory Work Group
Children’s Health Insurance Program Advisory Committee (CHIPAC) – Data Review Subcommittee
National Center for the Analysis of Healthcare Data, Advisory Board
Virginia Chamber of Commerce – Employer Health Care Subcommittee, Advisor
Virginia Commonwealth University – Department of Health Administration, Adjunct Professor
Virginia Health Innovation Plan, Improving Transparency and Availability of Data Innovation Team, Advisor
Virginia Telehealth Network, Board Member

Staff made presentations:

Senate Finance Committee’s Health and Human Resources Subcommittee
Student chapter of the American Medical Association, VCU Medical School
The Women’s Initiative Board on Health Care Reform and Mental Health – Virginia Autism Council
Virginia Bar Association, Health Law Section, Annual Health Law Extravaganza
Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s Employer Health Care Subcommittee
Virginia Commonwealth University Health Care Policy Class
Virginia Health Workforce Development Authority

Staff attended:

Academy Health National Health Policy Conference
All-Payer Claims Database Advisory Committee
Aon Hewitt Health Care Forum
Board of Medicine informal conference/disciplinary hearing on Lyme Disease
Catalyst for Payment Reform, National Summit on Provider Market Power
Commonwealth Autism Services, Autism Conference
Connect Virginia
Health Insurance Reform Commission
Home Visiting Conference
Madison University “Investing from the Start" Conference
Medicaid Innovation and Reform Commission
Mental Health Workgroup
Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center Summit
School Safety Task Force
Virginia Commonwealth University Briefing
Virginia Health and Hospital Association - Behavioral Health Forum
Virginia Health Innovation Plan - Educating and Engaging Consumers to Purchase Value

Staff publication:

Michele Chesser, Ph.D., “Mental Health Provisions of Affordable Care Act; Impact of Medicaid
Expansion in Virginia," Developments in Mental Health Law 32:2 (April 2013): 1-9.