RD23 - Longwood University Board of Visitors Interim Activity Report

    Executive Summary:
    During 2013, the Board met five times: March 22-23, May 11, September 13-14, December 6-7, and the annual Board meeting and retreat was held June 13-15 in Spring Grove, Virginia. Additionally, the executive committee met August 12 and November 8. Board agendas and meeting minutes are posted on the Board of Visitors web page at http://www.longwood.edu/president/4565.htm pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act.

    § 23-2.01 (public access to information):

    • Board meeting schedules through 2016 are announced on the BOV web page, meeting agendas are posted in advance and minutes are posted following meetings. http://www.longwood.edu/assets/president/BoV_Meeting_Dates_2013-16_RedDot.pdf

    • Meetings are brought into closed session only after a determination of their eligibility based on review of agenda items in relation to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act by the University Counsel and Board Liason. Electronic communications meetings are conducted in accordance with § 2.2-3708.

    • At the September BOV meeting, A. Cameron O’Brion of the Attorney General’s Office gave a presentation on the Commonwealth’s open meeting and Freedom of Information Act laws.

    § 23-2.02 (adoption of bylaws):

    • At the June meeting, the Board unanimously voted to update the bylaws in order to comply with Virginia Code § 23-2.02. The revised bylaws are posted on the Board of Visitors web page at http://www.longwood.edu/president/4702.htm

    § 23-2.03 (annual meeting with the president):

    The president assumed office June 1, 2013 and the Board intends to conduct an evaluation upon the president's completion of his first year. Moreover, the president's employment contract requires a yearly annual performance review by the Board.

    § 23-2.04 (duties of the executive committee):

    Board bylaws require the executive committee to meet between regular meetings of the full Board. The executive committee revised and suggested changes to Board bylaws, which were adopted by the full Board.