RD67 - Annual Report on Child Care Subsidy Sliding Fee Scale - December 2013

Executive Summary:
Item 337 K of the 2013 Appropriation Act (Act) provides that specified general and federal funds will support subsidized child care assistance in Virginia. It requires that subsidized child care assistance be administered on a sliding scale basis to income eligible families.

The Act requires the State Board of Social Services (Board) to establish rules and regulations for the sliding fee scale and eligibility criteria for subsidized child care assistance. These sliding fee scale regulations and eligibility criteria are required to account for variations in the local cost of living index by metropolitan statistical areas.

The federal poverty guidelines are adjusted annually; therefore, comparable annual adjustments are made to the sliding fee scale for income eligibility thresholds. Effective October 1, 2013, the rules for the sliding fee scale were adjusted to reflect these changes in the federal poverty guidelines for family size. Appendix B contains the adjusted sliding fee scale for income eligibility thresholds. Appendix C contains the charts defining the metropolitan statistical area groupings.