RD153 - Joint Commission on Health Care 2014 Annual Report

Executive Summary:

*This report was replaced in its entirety by the Joint Commission on Health Care on July 30, 2015.


In keeping with its statutory mandate, the Joint Commission completed studies; received reports and considered comments from public and private organizations, advocates, industry representatives, and other interested parties; and introduced legislation to advance the quality of health care, long-term care, and behavioral health care in the Commonwealth.

Joint Commission on Health Care

Four Joint Commission meetings as well as two meetings of each subcommittee were held. The 2014 meeting agendas are shown on pages 25 through 27 of this report; meeting materials including presentations, handouts, and minutes are posted on the website at http://jchc.virginia.gov.

Staff reports presented addressed:

• Viral Hepatitis in the Commonwealth
• Interim Report on Progress in Expanding Access to Brain Injury Services
• Minor Consent Requirement for Voluntary Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment
• Dental Safety Net Capacity and Opportunities for Improving Oral Health
• Scope of Practice Exemptions in Approved Hospitals

In addition, JCHC-members heard from invited guest speakers. Jeanne Zeidler, of the Williamsburg Health Foundation, asked that the requirement for joint annual reports by the Virginia Consortium of Health Philanthropy be reconsidered. The requirement was established in House Joint Resolution 179 which was introduced on behalf of JCHC in 1998.

Michael T. Lundberg, of Virginia Health Information, presented VHI’s "2014 Annual Report and Strategic Plan Update."

Barbara Wirth, Program Manager with the National Academy for State Health Policy, discussed "Medical Homes: Building Blocks to Health System Reform."

Debra K. Ferguson, Commissioner of the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, gave an update on the work of the SB 627 Work Group on Training Center Closures.


The BHC Subcommittee held two meetings in 2014, on August 20 and October 8. During the BHC Subcommittee meeting in August:

Commissioner Ferguson provided an update and description of priorities for the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services.

State Inspector General June W. Jennings described the core responsibilities of the newly-formed Office of the State Inspector General (OSIG) and summarized the findings of the OSIG "Review of Mental Health Services in Local and Regional Jails."

Sheriff Gabriel A. Morgan of Newport News and Sheriff Brian K. Roberts of Brunswick County discussed the challenges of addressing the mental health needs of inmates held in jail.

Stephany Melton Hardison representing the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Virginia, Jennifer Faison representing the Virginia Association of Community Services Boards, and Ashley Everette representing Voices for Virginia’s Children spoke regarding the provision of mental health services in the Commonwealth.

During the meeting in October:

Robyn de Socio, Executive Secretary of the Compensation Board discussed the findings of the Board’s 2013 Report on Mental Illness in Jails.

Jack Quigley, Special Projects Manager with the Department of Medical Assistance Services, and Fred Schilling, Myra Smith, and Teresa Harvey with the Department of Corrections discussed the new program to make Medicaid payments for eligible inmates of State prisons who are hospitalized in the community.

Holly Coy, Policy Director of the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, presented recommendations of the "Governor’s Taskforce on Improving Mental Health Services and Crisis Response" and Jennifer S. Lee, M.D., Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Resources provided an overview of the Governor’s plan, "A Healthy Virginia."


The HL/HS Subcommittee met twice in 2014, on August 20 and September 15. During the HL/HS Subcommittee meeting in August:

Dr. Raymond Scheppach, of the Miller Center and the School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia, provided an overview of "Cracking the Code on Health Care Costs" and Dr. Peter Cunningham with Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Health Care Policy and Research discussed trends related to the financial burden of health care spending has had on families.

Dr. Michele Chesser presented the staff report, "Grand Aides and Similar Models of Health Care Delivery."

During the meeting in September:

Elizabeth A. Carter, Ph.D., described the work of the Department of Health Professions (DHP) on military credentialing and of the Veterans’ Licensure and Certification Policy Academy convened by the National Governors Association.

State Health Commissioner Levine provided an overview of current goals and initiatives of the Virginia Department of Health.

Dr. David E. Brown D.C., DHP Director presented an agency overview including a description of the Prescription Monitoring Program and the Healthcare Workforce Data Center.

Additional Staff Endeavors

Served as member of the following organizations:

Age Wave Plan for Greater Richmond – Leadership Committee
Age Wave Plan for Greater Richmond - Data Subcommittee, Chair
Children’s Health Insurance Program Advisory Committee (CHIPAC)
Consulting Editorial Board Member for the journal "Social Work," a publication of the National Association of Social Workers
Council on Disability and Persons with Disabilities of the Commission for Diversity and Social and Economic Justice
Lt. Governor’s Commonwealth Council on Childhood Success, Child Health and Well Being Workgroup

Taught course, presented report, or participated in panel discussion:

VCU Department of Health Administration – "Health Care Politics and Policy"
VCU Department of Health Care Policy and Research – "Introduction to Health Policy"
Virginia Bar Association – 16th Annual Virginia Health Law Legislative Update and Extravaganza
Virginia Brain Injury Council
Virginia Quality Healthcare Network – Breakfast with the Experts

Attended the following conferences and work group meetings:

Antitrust Law Spring Meeting
American Bar Association Conference
Health Law Conference – University of Virginia
Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Summit
McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center – Community Mental Health Summit

Published the following articles:

O’Connor, M.K., Netting, F.E., Cole, P.L., Hopkins, K., Jones, J.L. Kim, Y., Mulroy, E, Rotabi, K.S., Thomas, M.L., Weil, M.O., & Wike, T. (2015). Voice and Community in the Corporate Academy: A Collective Biography. "Affilia," 30(1), 9-25.

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