RD499 - Virginia Roanoke River Basin Advisory Committee 2015 Annual Report

Executive Summary:
The Virginia Roanoke River Basin Advisory Committee (VRRBAC) was established in the executive branch of state government as an advisory committee to the Virginia delegation to the Roanoke River Basin Bi-State Commission. Duties and powers of the VRRBAC are pursuant to Virginia Code § 62.1-69.34.

This report, which is required by Virginia Code § 62.1-69.35:2, provides information regarding the Virginia Roanoke River Basin Advisory Committee’s activities during the 2015 calendar year. The members met four times during the year. The meetings included several discussions regarding the Kerr Lake Regional Water System interbasin transfer request and a final determination to be made by the North Carolina Environmental Management Commission, to which the VRRBAC submitted a formal public comment letter. The VRRBAC also received presentations related to water supply planning within the Roanoke River basin and potential alternatives to water supply allocation, including the Philpott Lake expansion example. Much focus was dedicated to strategic planning and the potential restructuring of the VRRBAC to enhance its effectiveness.