SD6 - Study of Construction of Proposed Interstate 73 (SR 32, 2014)

Executive Summary:
Senate Resolution 32 (2014) established a Joint Committee of the Senate Committee on Local Government and the Senate Committee on Transportation to study construction of proposed Interstate 73 and report. The Joint Committee was created as a two-year study and reports annually on its findings.

The Joint Committee to Study Interstate 73 is composed of six senators, Senators Stephen D. Newman, Frank M. Ruff Jr., R. Creigh Deeds, Ralph K. Smith, William M. Stanley, Jr., and Charles W. Carrico, Sr., and five citizen members appointed by the Senate Committee on Rules: Ben Davenport, George Lester, Dana Martin, W. Heywood Fralin, and Chris Morrill.

The staff assigned to the Joint Committee is the respective attorneys from the Division of Legislative Services who provide legal staff support to the Senate Committees on Local Government and Transportation, Scott Meacham and Nicole L. Brenner, and the Assistant Coordinator of Committee Operations for the Senate Clerk's Office, Maribeth P. Turner.

The Joint Committee met on November 10, 2014, and elected Senator William M. Stanley, Jr., as chair and Senator Stephen D. Newman as vice-chair. All meeting materials and information are available on

The Joint Committee has taken a great amount of information about the proposed impact of Interstate 73 under advisement and recognizes the financial challenges of such an endeavor. The proposed cost of the project is great as are the potential benefits. The Joint Committee will continue to review relevant information and meet during the 2015 interim and will work with interested stakeholders and report on its findings before the 2016 Session, upon the culmination of this two-year study.