RD163 - Radford University Two-Year College Transfer Grant (CTG) Update - May 1, 2016

Executive Summary:
Radford University is committed to supporting the Two-Year College Transfer Grant (CTG) Enhancement program and increasing overall transfer student enrollment. These initiatives are important to the University and concentrated efforts are underway to position the programs for sustained success. With the additional Transfer Grant resources provided in 2015-16, the University was able to increase enrollment in the program by 27 students, from 61 in 2014-15 to 88 in 2015-16. A detailed chart outlining the use of funds and the total enrollment in the CTG program is appended to the end of this document.

In order to further increase enrollment in the CTG program and reach the transfer target of 140 established in the 2015 Acts of Assembly, the University has directed resources to expand transfer student recruitment. Specifically, the University now employs two dedicated transfer recruiters in Northern Virginia; and to ensure all eligible students receive the CTG the University has initiated the following strategies to encourage participation and increase visibility of the CTG program:

• Promote Radford University’s partnerships and affiliation agreements with community college advisors and transfer counselors while highlighting the availability of the CTG program to reduce student cost.

• Communicate with prospective students about the CTG program during private visit sessions at the community colleges.

• Revise informational materials for prospective transfer students to better highlight the CTG program.

• Promote the CTG program with prospective transfer students during on-campus visits/tours and Open House presentations.

• Educate students, families, and advisors/counselors about the CTG opportunity through financial aid materials, scholarship travel cards, and handouts.

• Send special mailing and email communications to prospective transfer applicants who may qualify for the CTG program.

• Promote the CTG program to prospective transfer students during Radford University admission counselor’s on-site application reviews at the community colleges.

• Call qualified applicants, admits, and deposited students to apply for the CTG program if they appear to be eligible, but have not completed an application.

• Encourage all transfer students to complete the FAFSA.