RD171 - Virginia Commonwealth University 2015-16 Two-Year College Transfer Grant Report

    Executive Summary:
    Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is committed to providing financial assistance to students who transfer from a two year college with their Associates degree. SCHEV approved VCU’s request to award 170 Two Year College Transfer grants for this year. The students shall not receive subsequent awards until they have satisfied the requirements to move to the next class level.

    During this year, Virginia Commonwealth University allocated/disbursed a total of $305,000 for Two Year College Transfer grants with SCHEV approval; $137,000 in “transfer grant” awards, $66,000 in “transfer grant STEM bonus” awards, and $102,000 in “incentive” awards. In addition to the state transfer grant funding, VCU awarded $725,000 in specified institutional aid to help support the two year transfer student population in 2015-16. VCU will continue to support, and possibly increase, this level of institutional funding for our two year college transfer student population in future years.

    The Offices of Admission and Financial Aid worked closely to promote the Two Year College Transfer grant program and increase recruitment efforts. The “incentive” awards became available in late-March by SCHEV, and efforts to identify eligible transfer students immediately ensued. VCU’s Office of Admission’s Transfer Center, actively targeted two year college transfer students for eligibility in the grant program. They encouraged two year transfer students to complete a FAFSA application, as well as submit the Two-Year College Transfer Grant application to the Office of Financial Aid. The plan for future promotion and use of the Two Year College Transfer grant is as follows; utilize dedicated regional transfer student recruitment Admission Officers, advertise the Two Year College Transfer grant on VCU’s Strategic Enrollment Management webpage, coordinate submission of the Two Year College Transfer Applications with the Office of Financial Aid and continue to encourage all two year college transfer students to complete the FAFSA.