RD336 - 2016 Annual Report of the Substance Abuse Services Council – October 1, 2016

Executive Summary:
The Substance Abuse Services Council is established in the Code of Virginia [§ 2.2-2696] to advise the Governor, the General Assembly and the State Board of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services on matters pertaining to substance abuse in the Commonwealth. As required, the Council met four times during calendar year 2016 (April 6, May 11, June 14 and August 3). All meetings were conducted in the metropolitan Richmond area. Meeting notices and approved minutes are posted on the Council’s web page at http://www.dbhds.virginia.gov/about-dbhds/boards-and-councils/substance-abuse-services-council. PowerPoint presentations and other information distributed at the meetings are also available at this website.

The contents of this report cover the activities of the Council in calendar year 2016. During this period, Council members heard presentations on critical topics related to providing services for people with substance use disorders.

During 2016, the Substance Abuse Services Council continued to study and discuss critical topics related to the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders in the Commonwealth. The following sections describe the Council’s activities and presentations that informed its discussions.