RD352 - Annual Report on the Medicaid Physician and Managed Care Liaison Committee – October 2016

Executive Summary:
The Medicaid Physician and Managed Care Liaison Committee membership is comprised of representatives from the physician organizations specified in the budget language referenced above. It also includes participation by representatives from the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) contracted managed care organizations, the Virginia Association of Health Plans, the Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners, and the Virginia Nurses Association. The current membership roster is attached.

The Committee was charged with working with DMAS to:

• Investigate the implementation of quality, cost-effective health care initiatives;
• Remove administrative obstacles to quality, cost-effective patient care;
• Identify means to increase provider participation in the Medicaid program; and
• Address other matters as raised by DMAS or committee members.

As noted in earlier reports to the General Assembly, the Committee previously established three subcommittees which continued to meet during the past year. These workgroups are chaired by members of the full Committee and supported by DMAS staff:

• Workgroup #1 – Investigating Quality, Cost-effective Health Care Solutions;
• Workgroup #2 – Increasing Provider Participation; and
• Workgroup #3 – Removing administrative obstacles to quality, cost-effective patient care.

The inaugural meeting of the Committee was held on August 22, 2013, and thereafter the Committee has met at least biannually. Committee members participate in separate workgroups, or subcommittees, to address the first three charges to the Committee as listed above. The subcommittees have met numerous times, both as part of full Committee meetings and separately, to explore these matters in great detail.