RD364 - Richmond District Secondary Pavement Report-Updated Report – June 28, 2016

Executive Summary:
Item 445. E. of Chapter 2 of the 2014 Acts of the Assembly (Special Session I) and Chapter 665 of the 2015 Acts of the Assembly directed the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) to report on the condition of, and expenditures for secondary pavement maintenance in the Richmond District by County in FY 2013. If the first report indicated that there were significant disparities in condition of secondary road pavements between counties within Richmond District, VDOT was directed to adjust the expenditure of funds for FY 2015 and FY 2016 to reduce the disparities to a minimum, provided that VDOT took steps to ensure the safety of the driving public in the event of unforeseen events(*1). The legislation required that an updated report be provided in 2015, and required that report to also include an update on the availability of condition data on the secondary system and VDOT's progress at implementing the requirements of Chapter 290 of the 2013 Acts of Assembly. This report represents the updated report required by Item 445. E.

For the purpose of this report, VDOT gathered and analyzed the Richmond District data from the State of The Pavement Report by county within Richmond District. This updated report includes FY 2014 information relating to pavement conditions while the financial information contained herein includes information from planned paving projects for 2015. It was observed that there were some disparities in condition of secondary roads by county in terms of percent deficient pavements. It was also observed that Richmond District has been allocating funds for the secondary paving program to address the deficiencies and to ensure that each locality receives appropriate attention and the available limited resources are utilized efficiently.

It is therefore concluded that VDOT does not need to adjust funding allocations since the current methodology utilized by the District takes into account the relative deficiencies of secondary pavements by county within the District.
(*1) The 2014 Report published pursuant to Item 445. E. is set out at the following link: