RD379 - Virginia Board of Accountancy Biennial Report FY 2015-2016

Executive Summary:
The Virginia Board of Accountancy is pleased to present its Biennial Report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2016. The VBOA continues to be blessed with extremely dedicated, engaged and active Board members. Our involvement at the national level with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, or NASBA, helps to ensure that Virginia remains active in, and on top of, subject matter that guides the accounting profession and the CPA exam.

Virginia is well respected for its members’ involvement with NASBA, to include the following as of this report:

• Tyrone Dickerson: former Board member and Chair, serving as a NASBA At-Large Director and Chair of the Diversity Committee

• Stephanie Saunders: current Board member and former Chair, serving as NASBA’s Middle Atlantic Regional Director and a member of both the Communications and Relations with Member Boards Committees

• Marc Moyers: former Board member and Vice Chair, will soon be serving as the Middle Atlantic Region’s Nominating Committee representative and is currently a member of the Ethics Committee

• Jim Holland: current Board member and Chair, serving on NASBA’s CPE Committee

• Matthew Bosher: current Board member and Vice Chair, serving on NASBA’s Standard-Setting Advisory Committee

• Andrea Kilmer: current Board member and former Chair, serving on NASBA’s Diversity Committee

• Wade Jewell: serves on NASBA’s Executive Director’s Committee and next year’s Chair elect

Additional appointments are expected for our newest Board members over the next few months.

On the home front, we hope to complete the procurement of a new licensing and management information system by the end of calendar year 2016. Our current system was installed in February 2009. Since then, technology has changed and so have the needs of our Board members, staff, licensees, exam candidates and the public. We recognize these needs and technological changes and are excited about the opportunities to make positive changes from a user and customer service perspective.

From a customer perspective, we envision a more user-friendly experience beginning with the login process. Our expectation is that the system should lead our customers through a simple navigational process, clearly identifying next steps and requirements. From a technological perspective, customers will be able to access and process information through the use of computers, tablets, smart phones and other electronic devices, and will be able to attach or upload documents in lieu of paper mail or faxes.

The system will provide enhanced communication tools for staff, including paper mail, email, texting and the use of social media at the request of the customer. System integrations will include exam candidates, licensure, renewals, reinstatements, CPE monitoring/tracking and enforcement (complaints). From a staff perspective, we also envision a more user friendly experience to include automated work flow processes, the use of data analytics and enhanced reporting capabilities.

Moving forward, the VBOA will continue to enhance our operations, customer service and delivery of key services. We will also continue to enhance the communications efforts to ensure our CPA exam candidates, licensees and the public are kept up-to-date on the most important issues from a regulatory board.

We are pleased with our accomplishments over the past two years and look forward with great anticipation to the plans we have developed for the VBOA’s future.

Wade A. Jewell
VBOA Executive Director