RD477 - Impact of the Incentive Match Rate System – December 2016

Executive Summary:
Funding for services to children and families under the Children’s Services Act (CSA) is a shared responsibility of state and local governments. The incentive-based match rate system was designed to change practices so as to reduce reliance on residential care, serve children in their homes, and invest funds for the development of community based services. The incentive match rate system encourages the delivery of services consistent with the statutory purposes of the CSA, i.e., to:

• preserve and strengthen families;

• design and provide services that are responsive to the unique and diverse strengths and needs of troubled youth and families and;

• provide appropriate services in the least restrictive environment, while protecting the welfare of children and maintaining the safety of the public.

Under the incentive match rate system, a locality’s share of residential services is 25% above its base match rate; the locality’s share of community-based services is 50% below its base match rate.