HD23 - Report on Recommendations for the Utility of the Virginia Cattle Assessment (Chapter 565, 2016 Acts of Assembly)

Executive Summary:

Chapter 565 of the 2016 Acts of Assembly requires the Virginia Beef Industry Council (Council) to survey members about the utility of the Virginia Beef Industry Council Act (Act) (Va. Code § 3.2-1300 et seq.) and the Virginia Cattle Assessment (Assessment) collected pursuant to the provisions of the Act and to report its findings to the General Assembly by January 1, 2018. This work was performed on behalf of the Council by the Virginia Cattlemen’s Association through a survey of cattle producers to determine the producers’ opinions regarding (i) how, if reinstated and enforced, the Assessment should be administered, (ii) for what priorities Assessment funds should be utilized, and (iii) at what rate the Assessment should be set. The results of the producer survey indicated a general support among the producers surveyed for reinstatement of the Assessment to be utilized primarily for activities promoting the Virginia feeder cattle business, payable at a per head rate higher than currently established by the Act. This report was edited and formatted by staff at the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.